Determining The Best Vacuum Cleaner for A Hardwood Home

Hardwood Floor HomeHardwood floors are usually considered as the Holy Grail when it comes to flooring. However, to maintain their beauty, you’ll have to regularly maintain them. Their appearance is one of the top reasons why they are preferred to other kinds of floors. They are also long-lasting if maintained properly.

A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for cleaning such hardwood floors. Though essential, you’ll need to pick the right cleaner for you to fully take care of all your floor’s needs. It is thus necessary to undertake good research and caution prior to purchasing. Below is an insight on what you need to consider in a good hardwood floor vacuum in order to keep your hardwood home looking like new.

Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

There are very many vacuums around, designed differently in terms of quality and purpose. Searching for the ‘best vacuum’ won’t guarantee you reliable services since vacuums differ according to the floor type. You’ll most likely find ones that are highly rated not meeting your expectations, probably just because they work ultimately great on carpets.

Features of a Great Hardwood Floor Cleaner

  • Strong suction power – Hard surfaces will require a vacuum that has good suction strength. This will be much essential in most cases, especially where small particles get engrained into the cracks.
  • It should not have any beater brushes – Before making your purchase, you should check its head for any rotator brushes, which are covered with thick bristles, though not always. Vacuums that are designed with beater brushes are made like so for them to dig into carpet fibers. These brushes can bring about serious damage to your hardwood floor.
  • It should be compact and lightweight – Most wood surfaces, especially the delicate ones, will prompt you to have a lightweight cleaner. It should also be compact, enabling you to easily maneuver around and reducing the risk of any accidental scratches in the long run.
  • It should be padded with rubber or felt stripes – This is one of the most important features you will have to take into consideration when purchasing the right hardwood cleaner. They eliminate any risk of the machine causing accidental scuff marks and scratches.
  • It should be modified with both the sweep and mop functions – Any vacuum cleaner will be more ideal if it can sweep and also mop your wooden floor. With the wet function, you’ll be able to clean your floor effortlessly after vacuuming. However, when doing this, you should take care not to leave any water on your hardwood surface as it can warp and damage it if left for long periods.

Styling Options

Vacuum cleaners in the market come in many different styles and types. You should pick one that looks appealing to you, yet meeting your cleaning needs. Here are some of the various stylish options added onto cleaners:

  • Some of them come with a disposable bag while others are not bagged.
  • Some of these machines are fully-sized while others are designed as hand-held models which may prove convenient when carrying them around your house.
  • There are regular cleaners and other pet vacuums which are specifically designed to clean any tough pet messes.
  • Some of them feature options that make them more automated while others are kind of robotic.


Price is definitely something to consider when purchasing virtually everything, not just vacuums. While the cleaner you purchase should be pocket-friendly, you should ascertain that it is a powerful and efficient one at its price range.

Purchasing Locally or Online

Both approaches bear their own pros and cons. If you decide to buy your cleaner from a local dealer, you’ll have the advantages of not incurring any shipping charges and also physically assessing it before purchasing it. On the other hand, purchasing it online will give you a wide range of options to choose from, relatively better prices and the convenience of having your package brought right to your doorstep. Not to mention, you’ll have access to plenty of great hardwood vacuum guides online that you can refer to while shopping.

You should take time to assess both options and read customer reviews before making your decision.

Upright vs Canister Model

Canister vacuum cleaners prove to be more appropriate since they come with rubber wheels that allow you to easily maneuver around, and also prevent any scratch accidents. The upright cleaners are usually heavier, and this decreases mobility while still increasing the risk of accidental marring and scuffing.


For you to find the best hardwood floor vacuum, taking time to do research and exhaust all your preferences is the key. The above guide provides most of the research you might have to carry out. From the knowledge provided above, you can then determine the best cleaner in accordance to your needs. Cleaning hardwood floors will be quite an easy task, only if you purchase the right tools.

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