Having pets is a wonderful experience, one that can deeply enrich your life. Although there are some negatives with pet ownership, the positives far outweigh them. One of those negatives is dealing with shedding hair.

When I got my current dogs, I didn’t realize how much they shed. I would vacuum and sweep one day, only to find more the next day–or even a few hours later. They get stuck on my black clothing, can be seen blowing around the air, and even changes the color of my carpets if I let it get really out of control! Thankfully, I managed to find some of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair on Amazon.com and now I spend less time dealing with their hair, and more time loving them.

Here are 3 reasons why animal hair is such a pain for you… and for the wrong vacuum:

  1. Pet VacuumIt clogs bags – There are some vacuum cleaner bags that clog very easily. As you shop around, be sure the unit you are interested in does not have a bag that gets hampered by pet hair.
  2. It blows away – This is an issue I hear pet owners complain about the most. As they try to vacuum up the hair, the machines exhaust air blows it away before they even get close enough. This is especially true with hardwood floors and tile or linoleum surfaces. Where the hair gets blown, nobody knows. All I know is that it turns up an hour later on my pants or in the rug.
  3. It gets embedded into carpets – Speaking of “in the rug” that is exactly what happens. Hair gets shed or blown onto carpets and it can at times be quite difficult to remove. I have a wool carpet with a very dense but short nap, and when dog hair gets pushed into it from people walking across it, without the right cleaning tool, I know I would be in trouble.

Putting It All Together

Before making any purchases, make sure it has the following options:

  1. An on/off switch for the roller brush – Usually a roller brush is great for pulling up dog or cat hair, especially out of a wool rug like mine. The problem is when trying to clean a smooth surface, the roller might simply blow it out of reach. Being able to turn the roller brush on and off will save you time and headache.
  2. A hose and a variety of attachments – Animal hair can easily get on couches and chairs. Unless you want to lift your vacuum up onto your furniture, be sure it comes with the proper attachments to tackle the job of removing it from furniture.
  3. A non-clogging bag or dirt receptacle – I lean more toward the bagless. The advantage if this unit is you don’t have to buy separate bags. You also don’t have to worry about thick strands clogging up the bag and reducing suction power. You may have to empty the unit more often, but it’s better than spending a lot of time trouble-shooting a bag vacuum that is losing suction.

The most effective way to find the right vacuum is to read through customer feedback reviews and take note of what others in your same situation have experienced.

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