When it comes to cleaning pet hair, you need the best vacuum cleaner especially if you are dealing with pets such as cats and dogs which have long hair on them. Long hair tends to be difficult to vacuum clean but due to advanced technology, vacuum designed specifically for this issue have been manufactured.

Miele S 7260 Cat and Dog Vacuum

The Miele S7260 is our most highly recommended vacuum cleaner for cleaning long pet hair. It multitasks in that not only does it clean long hair for cats alone, but it also does an amazing job when it comes to cleaning dog hair as well.


A great deal about this vacuum is the AirClean Sealed System which comprises of the AirClean filter bag and the Active Air Clean filter. The clean filter captures and cleans up to 99.9% of dust particles in one swift move. The filter also removes allergens which may be harmful and toxic to the user. The active air clean filter has active charcoal layers which absorb and neutralize any available pet odors leaving the carpets and any other house material fresh and free from any pet odor.

It also has sealed bags which means that you don’t have to worry about spilled dust particles. This sealed dust bags can take up to three months before they get full. This is a big plus especially to those people who may find it inconveniencing to open and close the bags when emptying them. The unsealed bags which are mainly present in most vacuums may also get broken or detached easily when emptying them.

The mini turbo brush which is powered by 2 different motors allows you to easily clean and remove pet hairs from curtains and sofas with the greatest ease ever. The turbo motors rotate the brush to speeds of up to 4,800 rotation per minute which facilitates the removal of the most stubborn long hair.

It comes with a patented Swivel neck technology which allows you to maneuver it from one point to another in that you don’t have to move furniture’s such as seats or tables around from one point to another when cleaning since the swivel neck technology allows it to automatically adjust itself to reach such surfaces.

It has a 12 foot integrated flexible hose that allows you to clean upholstery such as curtains and staircases with ease. The long flexible hose with an electrical cord means that you don’t have to move the cleaner with you over short distances when you are doing your cleaning since the hose can cover a radius of 54 feet.

It has a strong suction power which allows easy cleaning. You can control the suction power by using the rotary dial which has four variable power settings which are placed on the handle of the cleaner. Controlling and adjusting the suction power depends on the materials you are dusting. You can use a weak suction power when dusting curtains and a strong suction power when cleaning hard surfaces such as carpets.

Another great feature is the telescopic wand and a headlight which allows you to see clearly the areas in which you are cleaning especially if you are dusting dark rooms and areas such as under beds and sofas.


  • Cleans every surfaces.
  • Easy to maneuver around.
  • It has optional suction settings.
  • Produces less noise.


  • Expensive.
  • Weighs 22 pounds hence heavy to some users.


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