Cleaning a house is a task that is dreaded by most people and the introduction of pets make it even worse.

Though these little hairy friends offer us warmth and company, they are at times a nightmare especially when they start shedding off their hairs in all parts and corners of the house.

Cat Lying on VacuumAnyway, it’s not their fault and since you have chosen to have them in your house, you have to find the best vacuum to pick up these hairs.

A handheld vacuum is usually the preferred choice when it comes to selecting a portable vacuum for car cleaning.

It is easily portable and can clean hard to reach places like car seats and furniture since pets are not only confined to the floor.

The following tips will help a great deal in identifying the best handheld vacuums that will work best in cleaning up pet hair.

1. Suction power

To clean up pet hair, you have to choose one with great suction power. It helps to choose one with adjustable suction power as it allows you to juggle from cleaning bare floors to furniture and carpets.

The suction power, which depends on the power of the motor should be strong enough to suck up fur from carpet fibers and other surfaces where pets tend to leave trails of dander. It is also advisable to find a vacuum that will not blow away debris instead of inhaling them as this will not work on bare floors.

2. Capacity

It is a known fact that pets do not shed the same amount of hair. Pets that shed more hair require handheld vacuums with a larger dirt-holding capacity as compared to those that shed less hair. Long-haired pets tend to shed more hair as compared to their short-haired counterparts and this should be taken into consideration when planning to buy a pet vacuum cleaner.

The number of pets will also determine the capacity. More pets mean more hairs thus a larger dirt cup capacity. Even though a larger capacity vacuum will reduce the number of times you need to empty them, it will come with an added weight hence not best for the elderly or those confined to wheelchairs hence looking at both sides of the coin is a necessity.

3. Cordless or Corded?

Although all handheld cleaners offer the portability we all need, cordless vacuums will usually have an upper hand when it comes to maneuverability and for this reason they can easily clean furniture, stairways and inside cars without the worry of cords and power outlets.

On the other hand, corded vacuums can be used to clean up pet hairs without the worry of running out of charge thus making them ideal for cleaning up larger messes since you will not have to stop in between cleaning for recharges.

4. Weight

Handheld vacuums are not only meant to clean floors hence they should not be too heavy to prevent you from cleaning your furniture or inside your car. It is a genius idea to compare the weight with the features it has on board as a lightweight handheld vacuum could mean a reduction of features which corresponds to reduced functionality.

5. Filtration

Pet dander from dogs and cats is known to aggravate allergies and it is advisable to buy a vacuum that has high filtration levels, most preferably those with HEPA filtration. This prevents tiny pet hair particles and dust from flying back into the air during cleaning which could lead to allergies. This is very important in terms of taking care of your health and one of the main reasons why having the best vacuum for dog hair (or cat hair) is highly recommended.

6. Attachments and Noise Control

Attachments like the crevice tool and the upholstery brush tool are important when it comes to cleaning hard to reach areas as well are ares that require special cleaning like upholstered furniture and this could help make cleaning of pet dander an easier task.

Noise levels should also not be too high since they could scare off your friends, neighbors and also pets while cleaning the house.

7. Budget

You budget usually determines the kind of vacuum you will buy. High quality vacuums with better power and functionality usually come with higher price tags but all is not lost.

With proper market research, it is possible to find an affordable vacuum with better qualities than some of the most expensive. It is usually best to choose the best within your budget range.

The above tips, if taken into consideration, will help you get the best handheld pet vacuum for your home without having to pay through the nose.

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