I’ve found that nothing beats the convenience of a hand vacuum cleaner especially when dealing with small, cluttered apartments like the one I own. However, when choosing a handheld machine you also need power and speed, therefore I have compiled a list of 3 devices that meets all these criteria.

Dirt Devil Scorpion (SD20005RED)

Even at a mere 3.8 pounds the Dirt Devil is equipped with a 7amp motor which is so powerful that it can even suck up pebbles and sand without any internal damage being caused. In terms of convenience it has:

  • A long cord (16 foot), so manoeuvring around a room is easy.
  • A Crevice tool with a ‘Quick Flip’ design (unfold and use it when you need to), for tight spaces.
  • A dust cup which eliminates the need for bags and filters.
  • It also comes with two attachments, a hose and dusting brush.

Furthermore the Scorpion is only 12x5x7 inches in size which makes storing or carrying it up stairs a breeze. For the price of $39.99 this machine is a worthwhile steal.

Eureka Easy Clean 71B

The Easy Clean is more expensive than the former device at $59.99, it is also heavier (4.8 pounds) and larger (15x7x7 inches) and it’s motor is less powerful at 5.5amps. However, it too has its perks:

  • A longer 20 foot cord.
  • Like the scorpion, Eureka has switched out the bagless filter and replaced it with a dust cup and they have also installed an onboard crevice tool.
  • It is also equipped with a ‘riser visor’ and brush roll for cleaning carpeted stairs which the Dirt Devil does not possess.
  • A longer hose that can stretch to 3 times its own length.

What’s unique about this machine is that it has been fitted with two separate motors, one for suction and one for powering the brush roll.

Black and Decker CHV1510

At $69.99 this is the most expensive device I will discuss, unlike the other two machines it is cordless and powered by a 15.6 volt battery instead. In spite of being powered by a battery its suction capabilities never waver because it has been designed with cyclonic action which effectively spins dirt and dust away from the filter preventing clogging.

The CHV does not come with any attachments, all its tools are onboard such as the brush and crevice tool (which can be lengthened). Its nozzle is slim for those hard to reach areas and it also includes:

  • A light indicator that displays its level of charge.
  • A bagless dirt bowl which is easy to clean.
  • An energy conserving battery.

It is also slightly larger than the other two devices at 8 x 14.3 x 5.5 inches owing to its slim nozzle but at the same time it is lighter at 3.2 pounds.


As you can see these three devices are lightweight, powerful and they can get the job done quickly. This is why they have made my top three list and each one should be considered when you are in the market for top rated vacuums. As all three machines function similarly you should base your choice on price and design, like I did when I choose the Black and Decker because it is cordless.

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