When it comes to picking up crumbs and mess from around your house or maintaining clean interiors of your vehicles, hand held vacuum cleaners are the perfect choice. They are capable of reaching into the tightest of spaces that would be entirely inaccessible using a heavier, larger traditional vacuum cleaner.

Handheld vacuums are a by-word for convenience. They have been observed to be rechargeable and cordless under most of the circumstances- although such is not always the case- a feature that makes them perfectly handy when it comes to cleaning the interior of your car. Not only will you be saved the hassle of having to look around for a suitable charging socket to plug in the appliance, most hand held vacuums will also do away with the troubles of having to find the appropriate attachment on your main vacuum for cleaning away the dust particles from upholstery, cushions and sofas.

Top Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuums are excellent if you have to clean blinds, ceilings, ceiling fans, tables, counter tops in the kitchen and other similar spots that are hard to access with a stick or upright vacuum cleaner. Here we take a look at some of the best handheld vacuum available in the market at present that will take care of all your cleaning needs.

  • Black and Decker Dustbuster Flexi: If you are expecting a handheld to perform at the levels of a traditional household cleaner, then you will be required to pay likewise for the same. This cleaning appliance happens to be one of the most expensive products in the market. Nevertheless, the design on this Dustbuster Flexi is unique, lying somewhere between a handheld vacuum and a cylindrical vacuum cleaner. It has a smooth motor operated by a 18-volt lithium battery that packs enough power to let it work efficiently. Moreover, you will get a wide range of accessories along with this model and that includes a long crevice tool which is ideal if you have to clean along the side of sofa seats and cushions.
  • Dyson DC44 Animal: Although expensive, you can never discount any cleaning appliance that has come out off the manufacturing house of Dyson. One of the classier models ever to be produced, had it not been for the hefty price tag the Animal would surely have been leader of the pack. A product that oozes quality, it is extremely effective in terms of its cleaning performance. After every charge, it will provide you with a cleaning run over a lengthy period of twenty minutes. The package features an admirable accessory range as well that is inclusive of a tool for pet hairs and another long tool designed especially for cleaning deep crevices. This product also comes with a long extension so that you can use it around the house very easily.
  • Halfords Cyclonic Wet and Dry vacuum: If you are looking for conventional handheld vacuum cleaners, then look no further beyond this Cyclonic Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner from Halfords. It may not be one of the best cleaning products available in the market but is certainly capable of performing its duties and is a package worth considering. A flexible hose, seventy centimeters in length, is one of the prime accessories while it is equally capable of dealing with liquid spills over small regions. You will be provided with a battery backup of more than twenty minutes for your cleaning purposes but if in need of more time, you can make best use of the 12-volt extension cable.
  • Makita LXT BCL 18ZW: This is another vacuum cleaner that stresses the fact that if you are in need of high cleaning performance from a handheld vacuum, then you will be required to shell out significant amount of cash for the same. If you are in possession of other tools from this manufacturer, then the product will be cost-effective, else the price tag will be significant especially since the charger and battery are not inclusive with the package. Nevertheless, you won’t regret making this purchase as it has one of the best cleaning performances. There is also a power extension cable that lets you use the cleaner around the house for longer durations. Carpet and crevice tools are the accessories worth being used while half-an-hour is the backup duration of the removable battery.

Choosing The Right Vacuum

With such an array of features and models available in the category of handheld cleaner, choosing the right model can be a very difficult proposition. There are three things that you need to consider while choosing the one that suits your needs. Begin by checking the weight. A handheld vacuum cleaner weighing more than five pounds is not good as you will be subjected to a lot of strain while using it for cleaning.

Next, check for the attachments being provided in the package. A cleaning brush and crevice tool are the bare minimum while if you find such items as pet hair removers and brush rolls, consider them to be bonus products in the package.

Last but not the least, take into consideration the duration of backup provided by the appliance. Ten minutes is considered the benchmark for hand held vacuums so if your cleaning appliance fails to provide you with the bare minimum time for cleaning, consider the investment to be a waste.

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