Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC41 Animal is one of the best and most reliable pet cleaner in the market today. Not only does it come with the most technological features, it’s also easy to use and operate.

When looking for a good vacuum for your home, various factors have to be considered. Different animals have different types of hair texture which means that different hair strands may tend to be more stubborn than others when cleaning. With this fact in mind, you have to consider different factors before you purchase a cleaner.

Factors to be considered before you purchase a vacuum:

  • Suction power – The more powerful the suction power is, the higher the rate of removing hairs strands.
  • Weight – You should consider a light and easily portable cleaner especially when cleaning upholstery and curtains.
  • Bagged vacuums – which minimize the rate of spilling of the dust when emptying it.
  • The type of pests you house – Different pets have different hair make up which means a different mode of cleaning has as well as the cleaner has to be considered.


It has the most powerful suction power which enables it to remove even the most sticky and tiny hair particles present in your carpet, doormats, couch and curtains. Ingrained hairs which tend to be more stubborn are of no match to this pet vacuum.

It has a new advanced Radial Root Cyclone technology which enables an excellent airflow which ensures that the tiny holes in the collecting bags are not clogged by the hair particles which may reduce the suction power of the cleaner. The cyclone speed generates a high centrifugal force which pushes the hair particles right into the bin. This in turn maximizes the suction power for an excellent cleaning.

It has a cleaner head on it’s base which automatically adjusts itself for optimal contact with all types of surfaces no matter how hard or soft they are. This automatic adjustments reduce the hassle you have to undergo when adjusting the cleaner to clean different surfaces. When you are cleaning hard surfaces, the base plates lowers itself while the brush bar lifts itself to protect the delicate surfaces on the plates. When cleaning soft surfaces such as the carpets, the base plate rises up while the brush bar lowers down creating an optimum bristle penetration which enhances easy cleaning.

It also comes with a mini turbine head which enables you to clean upholstery surfaces, curtains and staircases.

It has a clear transparent bin which enables you to see the amount of dirt that has accumulated in it hence giving you the chance to empty it. Most cleaners don’t have this clear transparent bin hence it becomes difficult to tell when to re empty the bin which in turn may lead to clogging and slow responsiveness of the cleaners.

The Dyson cyclone also acts by capturing dust allergens and bacteria’s which might affect your health and at the same time it acts by releasing fresh air hence making it the most desirable among people who are allergic to dust.

The high reach wand which stretches up to to 5 times, enables you to clean upholstery surfaces with the greatest ease ever.

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